The evolution of the Five Question Protocol (5QP) reflects an interprofessional and interdisciplinary collaboration that combines Problem-Based Learning in medical education and Object-Based Learning, an approach developed in museums. We assembled a team that included “master” clinician, Dr. Jules Cohen, then-medical student and former art teacher, Dr. Rachel Kowal, and psychiatrist and Memorial Art Gallery (MAG) docent Dr. Hannah Solky.

Additional MAG docents, all healthcare professionals, trained in the Five Question Protocol included: Dr. John Burch, Rosemarie Burke, Cynthia Flynn, Carolyn Friedlander and Mary Monefeldt.

Students featured in the video were members of a 4th year UR medical school class, Community Health Intensive Course: Allison Arp, Beatriz Maliban, Michael Catanzaro, Derrick German, Michael Kelly, Thomas Kemp, Michelle Pitch, Vienna Tran, Kenia Valdez, Hannah Ward.

At MAG, we acknowledge the support of directors Grant Holcomb and Jonathan Binstock, and at University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry, Dr. Mark Taubman, Dr. David Lambert and Dr. Eric Richard. We acknowledge with gratitude all the clinicians, medical educators, medical residents, undergraduate and graduate nurses, physician assistants, physical therapists, and hospital chaplains who have incorporated the 5QP in their teaching at the University of Rochester and other local colleges and universities.

This website was a joint project of URMC’s Division of Medical Humanities and Bioethics, River Campus Libraries’ Digital Scholarship Lab, and the Memorial Art Gallery. We particularly acknowledge the inspiration of Nora Dimmock, director of the Digital Humanities Center (now Associate University Librarian for Digital Technologies, Brown University), and the invaluable assistance of Joe Easterly and Josh Rompf from the Digital Scholarship Lab. Lu Harper from MAG served as Project Manager, and Matt Mann from UR’s Office of Communications created the videos seen on the website.

Finally, to acknowledge the essential partnership this project and related website represents, we jointly authored all the text on this site, except those sections that we have individually signed.

Stephanie Brown Clark, MD, PhD and Susan Dodge-Peters Daiss, MA, MDIV