Question 2

Does this remind you of anything?


  • The facilitator encourages participants to think broadly about the range of personal, educational, or professional associations with the artwork.
  • The facilitator continues to engage with reflective listening, and to encourage awareness of the influences that might inform observations.
  • If participants question what the facilitator means, the facilitator may remind them that their prior experience enabled them to name the details observed in the initial inventory.


  • The facilitator may mention that this is the first of two questions in the 5QP that invites reflection as an essential component of this process.
  • This question is occasionally initially difficult for participants to answer. As the process unfolds, however, participants often answer this question later in the protocol.


This question was added to the Art and Observation protocol based on experience with a verbatim format used in Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) training at Strong Memorial Hospital (2002-2003). In the verbatim, following a close recounting of a conversation with a patient, student chaplains were asked to reflect on their experience. Among the questions to be answered was whether the experience reminded them of any prior personal, or professional experiences. Drawing explicit attention to the potential role that previous experience might play in a chaplain’s response to an individual and/or situation is a critical component of the training.