Question 4

What information would help confirm your story, hypothesis?


  • The facilitator begins by welcoming questions for information that would rule in/rule out a participant’s hypothesis.
  • The facilitator asks the participants to clarify how the requested information will support or resolve uncertainties in their hypothesis/interpretation.
  • The facilitator gathers all the questions first to keep the focus on the questions rather that the answers. When the participants finish, the facilitator will offer answers; if there are unknowns, these are also acknowledged.
  • The facilitator engages the participants at this point about the role of authority and the power of information. The facilitator asks what happens to our interest in and engagement with an artwork once information is offered and the story is confirmed or denied?


  • The participants’ experience with the protocol has often evolved to the point that while interested in knowing “the answer” they are equally interested in examining the process itself.


This question models the role specialists play and the importance of clinical tests to confirm a diagnosis. In the evolution of the 5QP, asking for information to confirm a hypothesis is where the 5QP diverges significantly from VTS.1

1. (Accessed 9-24-17)